10 Essential Skills That Make Teachers Great Entrepreneurs


To become an entrepreneur means that you need to be willing to manage a big team of people and lead them to organizational success with strategic management. This means leading by example through communication, delegation, collaboration, and transparency.

Teachingis one of the oldest and most highly respected careers in the world that has stood the test of time. Many teachers are undervalued; however, the skills they have learned both practically and theoretically make them ideal candidates to teach a thing or two to prospective business owners. Whether you have been an entrepreneur for many years or you are just starting out, these 10 essential skills from teachers can help you improve all aspects of your business venture.

Teachers Can Communicate witha Variety of Individuals

Teachers are exposed to a huge variety of different children and adults of any age, race, gender, nationality, and culture. They have seen it all. Teachers have learned through experience how to not only manage different types of people and interact effectively, but they have mastered this act within a large group. Business owners have very much the same responsibility. They have to manage large groups of people, each with different personalities, traits, and ideals. Dealing with a full spectrum of people takes the skills of communication that teachers have been working towards most of their careers.

A teacher’s life is not just about passing on knowledge and educating students. They have to deal with disgruntled and overprotective parents and stressful situations with students during the class. Managing any business will require that you understand how to communicate with different individuals. You cannot use the same approach for every person, because all employees will respond in a variety of manners. Teachers learn specific communication skills to deal with different cultures, religions, socio-economic statuses, for any age group. This is just the first essential skill that any entrepreneur should adopt, and they can learn to do so by speaking with any educator.

They Make Excellent Problem Solvers

In any business, a fair amount of problems will arise. You may know how to deal with them, but you may need some outside-of-the-box thinking. Over the years, teachers have had to learn how to deal with any situation they encounter in the classroom. Whether it be student bullying or finding new ways to engage students to learn, teachers have problem-solving skills that are irreplaceable to entrepreneurs. The most important part of being a problem solver is knowing how to listen carefully, analyze the situation fairly, and make decisions that will benefit the whole team.

To find a solution to any difficult problem, you just need to look at it from a new perspective. It just takes one creative idea and a close analysis of the situation. The best solution is also often the simplest. Teachers have this skill down pat because they need to search for easy and quick solutions to avoid further disruptions in the classroom. Children, just the same as business employees, need to learn how to solve problems themselves, rather than just learning specific answers. It is a vital skill of any business owner to teach their employees how to handle difficult situations and arrive at creative solutions that everyone can agree to.

Teachers Know the Value of Community Support

Teachers and the students in the classroom are a community that needs to be nurtured and cared for. Teachers instinctively lookout for the needs of their students, and build a safe community where the students feel supported and respected. Effective teachers can cultivate a community between individuals that normally would not spend personal time with each other. Teachers understand the importance of building trust with honesty and transparency between students, parents, and other members of the community.

Owning a business is the same. To be a successful entrepreneur, owners need to lead their employees through vision, leadership, and efficient management strategies that support the whole team. If the staff doesn’t feel supported by the business owner, they cannot perform their job to the best of their abilities. A major aspect of being supportive as an entrepreneur is to continuously motivate and empower employees through a system of trust and honesty -a skill that all teachers learn through pure trial and error during their careers. It is advantageous for any entrepreneur to learn this skill from someone that has used a vast array of methods to connect their students through support.

Teachers Have Learnt Specific Organization and Planning Skills

Without proper organization in a teaching plan and lesson, teachers would not be able to fit the right information in a single class session. Teaching also requires starting from the foundational point and building up concepts and understanding bit by bit. Organization and planning are one of the first skills that all teachers have to learn to be effective educators. Many teachers learn the theoretical practice and skills of organization and planning by focusing on educational leadership through programs like the Marymount EdD that is available online.

From building a timeline to setting realistic goals for the students throughout the year, teachers have a strict timetable in place of every minuscule project and deadline with daily to-dolists. Time allocation is another major part of being organized because it defines the limitations to the scope of a project or goal. An educational leadership degree focuses on these individual aspects that benefit both teachers and business owners. As an entrepreneur, this type of planning and organization may already be a regular occurrence; however, it should be streamlined with as many achievable goals as possible, that are realistic and meaningful for the business.

They Have Adapted to be Flexible in any Environment

Both in business and school, nothing can be expected to go according to plan. There will always be something urgent that requires attention. Part of being a teacher is being adaptable to any situation and environment. The Covid-19 pandemic especially taught teachers how to continue educating their students with limited resources. They had to learn very quickly how to navigate online platforms and keep the ball rolling so that students didn’t have to repeat the year. Business owners are no strangers to these issues either. From unexpected changes in the market to economic problems that can affect any business, entrepreneurs need to know how to handle changing environments by being flexible.

No matter how organized and well planned a business is, if it is not able to adapt and change as needed, it will not be successful. This is a valuable skill that any entrepreneur can learn from teachers -to constantly strive for improvement even in the face of adversity and learn that nothing can be planned with foolproof certainty.

Teachers Understand That Data Analysis is Important

For any business to ensure its success, data and proper analysis of information is the foundation to building an enterprise and making a decent profit. The right data can help to maximize a business’s customer base and target specific audiences. Teachers know the importance of student data so that they can improve the classroom and make changes to benefit their students. If test scores indicate that a student is battling, this information is vital for the teacher to understand the problem and improve the situation.

In this way, business and education arevery similar. Data allows for better decision-making because it helps to highlight areas that need more resources to improve a situation.In the same way that teachers and principals use statistics and test scores to improve the school environment, so must entrepreneurs carefully analyze the information on hand to improve business functions. Data must be seen as something that both identifies critical information and helps to pinpoint how certain problems were caused. Just as with teachers, this enables business owners to avoid similar issues in the future, and to use data to make meaningful changes that advance the company.

They Know That Lifelong Learning Leads to Success

Everyone knows the importance of formal education to have a decent career that a person can be proud of. A degree in education means that the teacher will be learning new things for the rest of their careers. Teachers cannot remain relevant if they talk about the same old science and history every year. As the world evolves, so must the education that is taught to students change. This is how humanity as a species has evolved with technological advancements since the 1900s.

The best way to succeed in life is to continually learn new content and gain as many skills as possible. Leaders of businesses that remain successful in the market have done so because they are always learning about innovations and how the economy works. Entrepreneurs must understand that lifelong learning is the most direct path to success because it helps to learn from previous mistakes. It takes a personal commitment to stay up to date with how the industry of a business is changing, and whether that business needs to look for new ways to attract customers. Depending on the industry, the business may see more rapid changes at an exponential rate, specifically in the science and technology field.

Teachers Can Be Great Mentors

The reality is that teachers are present for a large percentage of any student’s life. This is the same for business owners. A person will spend a minimum of one-third of their entire life either working or in school. This is the reason that teachers are often seen as mentors for their students. Impressionable students learn valuable life lessons from their teachers, and business owners play a very similar role to employees. Successful entrepreneur is looked up to by their staff because they model someone who has made a name for themselves in the world. Just as employees will lead by their boss’s examples, students do the same with teachers.

Being a mentor is no easy feat, and being a business owner means that mentoring staff will be a big part of the profession. The greatest entrepreneurs do not want to keep the secrets to success all to themselves. Rather they want to impart the wisdom they have learned through decades of trial and error to influence a person’s life meaningfully. Any successful entrepreneur will find their employees naturally start acting in the same manner, and even changing their mindsets accordingly.

They Are Passionate for Their Craft

It takes a truly unique person to be a teacher. Only someone passionate about educating students and playing an integral part in their life can be an effective teacher. It takes dedication and motivation to constantly improve and look for ways to make situations more manageable. Entrepreneurs also have to be passionate about what they do because it’s their business. Without their personal investment and passion to see the business succeed, they would not be an entrepreneur.

Most entrepreneurs start a business doing something that they love because they know they can realistically perform that job for the rest of their lives. Teachers are very much alike because very few change careers once they start as educators.

Perseverance Against All Odds

Educational leadership has one of the lowest turnover rates of any profession. Those who obtain the relevant degree in educational leadership tend to stay in that profession for at least five years. This shows perseverance and is a common trait among the majority of teachers. The same can be said for entrepreneurs who are committed to succeeding even when the odds aren’t looking great.

The key concept that both of these professionals understand is that true change doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and dedication to make a success of any situation. Both teachers and entrepreneurs have to withstand a fair number of difficulties in their careers, but by persevering they are often more successful than other people who give up at the first sign of defeat.

Teachers are leaders by nature as they guide the minds and educational knowledge of people of all ages. Entrepreneurs can learn to be great business owners by taking advice from teachers and learning these 10 essential skills