7 Factors That Contribute To Auto Accidents

Being involved in a car accident is a stressful scenario. The aftermath of a car crash can increase that tension. You deal with more than you have bargained, from an injury to property damage, medical bills to lost wages.

Some car accidents are not avoidable. When we talk about auto accidents, there are some common causes.

A list of the main causes of car accidents is provided below.

1. You may be distracted

Distracted driving is one of the most frequent factors that ends up with accidents. A distracted driver is the one who doesn’t have complete attention around him.

They probably are busy using mobile, talking to the passenger, or eating a cheeseburger. The brain switches between tasks and are unable to concentrate on what is ahead.

 Remember that when you are behind the wheel your sole task is to get safely where you are heading.

2. Over speeding

Running late, following up on the traffic, or simply driving across the speed limit are the main causes of speed-related accidents.

Note that the faster you drive, the slower your time of reaction. In case you need to prevent an accident while driving over the limit at a distance of 20 miles, the risks of the collision are very significant.

3. Reckless driving

Weaving the traffic in and out. Tailgating. Cutting other drivers. These are the few examples of reckless driving. Each of them can lead to a serious collision.

If you notice someone driving around you like this, back off and give them room. Switching lanes quickly is also an example of careless driving, with the flagrant disrespect of the safety and/or property of others.

4.  Teenagers

Due to lack of experience, teenagers are unsafe while driving. They can not effectively and quickly respond to a new driving situation.

 Every day, young people are involved in causing accidents. Stay behind them and give them room if you spot a young driver behind the wheel.

5. Improper Turns

Be sure that you are in the right direction as you approach an intersection for your intended journey. If you realize you are in the right direction when you wish to turn, go straight ahead. You can always go about the block or turn around on a driveway.

The reason why we have stoplights and turn signals, roads allocated to the right and left is because cars often result in accidents when drivers break the regulations.

6. Rain

Car accidents occur fairly commonly in the rain because water produces unsafe and slick surfaces.

Drive more carefully if you’re stuck in rainfall. Even if you think your tires will stick to the road as they should, they will probably not. Don’t risk this.

7. Fog

Fog is not a common cause of accidents. Driving involves the ability to see, however it is exceedingly difficult to see more than one car in front of you during fog.

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