Amazon is offering Apple’s 512GB MacBook Pro M1 with $200 off

Every individual who is having an interest in upgrading their MacBook can do it now. Because Amazon is offering the latest model of MacBook Pro M1 at a new record low price. The 13 inches MacBook Pro M1 of 512GB is on sale at Amazon for $1300 right now. This model has been discounted from $1499 to $1349 and now to $1300. Ergo, there is a total of $200 off.

MacBook Pro M1 is the pro-level laptop of Apple as it comes with an M1 chipset and was given a score of 84. The speedy performance and equally fast GPU of this laptop have attracted the eye of every MacBook lover. Apart from this, the new model of the MacBook is has proved its efficiency with its 16.5-hour battery life. This laptop looks very much similar to the previous one because all the major parts are internal here. But this is not a bad thing- we still are appreciating the lovely display and the comfortable keyboard and trackpad of this device.

However, the all-new MacBook Pro M1 does not feel different from MacBook Air M1. The MacBook Pro M1 is only supporting one external display and is up to 16 GB of RAM, you are not going to find any support for GPUs here. Therefore, this means that Pro is having limited features only. So, it is perfect for professionals or power-users as they are the ones having some specific needs. Hence, if you are exactly looking for 8GB of RAM and 512GB of storage, then it’s your time to grab this all-new MacBook Pro M1 from Amazon at $200 off.