Apple Updates: Masks are mandatory in the US stores for now

Throughout the pandemic of COVID, the Apple retail store has adjusted very perfectly to the changing situations worldwide. But it is not changing the direction based on the latest CDC public health recommendations. As per the updates of Bloomberg, we got information that all the Apple stores in the US will follow the protocol of wearing masks. Apple company has claimed that mask is mandatory and other COVID-19 procedures will also remain in the stores. Even when a number of people are getting vaccinated in the country.

However, there are number of retailers that have already dropped down the idea of wearing masks. Some of the retailers that have dropped down mask requirements are Walmart and Trader Joe’s. This is because the President of the US recently said that the people who have been vaccinated with both the COVID doses will not wear the masks. Yes, people who have been vaccinated are having the right to move freely without a mask in the US. But still keeping the things in mind, Apple has decided to follow every procedure of COVID-19 properly. The policies of Apple can be flexible to the local situations. As 9to5Mac reports that the cases in Michigan rose over recent weeks. Due to this, the stores were closed in that very place and then reopened as Express locations.

Probing further, Apple has experimented with format late last year. That was the time when stores walled off and customers are served at one time. As the pandemic is still continuing, it will be very much interesting to see which of the policies are rolled back and when.