Different Online Tools on Android for Teaching Students

The pandemic has changed the way things work for many people. It has given a totally different dimension to businesses, individuals and to students as well. One of the things about getting education during the pandemic was that students and teachers developed coordination and a healthy classroom environment from their homes using online and social media apps. This created a more creative and engaging environment in the class. Also, teaching became more transparent and more accountable.

Also, many new experts and teachers who know different skills and are proficient in their subjects emerged to provide tutorials and lectures on YouTube and other social platforms for students and people who seek knowledge. You can do the same if you have a high speed internet at your home. This makes your classroom to get on with you wherever you go. To make your class become more interesting and convenient for students, you can get the following Android applications installed on your phone:


This is one of the best apps for people looking forward to make their class and students engage during lectures. Using the app, your students can participate during lessons and use Virtual Reality PhET simulations, 3D objects and many other ways ti means to make your classroom activities more open-ended using questions, quizzes, collaborative boards and more for your class. If you want to create a fun-to-learn experience in your class. Teachers can create more than 6,500 experiences found in the app’s lesson library.

Google Play Rating: 3.6

Anywhere Teacher

The app can help your child get education using an online learning system that can help them master subjects and skills like math, writing and reading a fun-to-learn experience. The app is created by teachers to align the knowledge that you want to impart according to the national curriculum standards and has more than 2,500 activities including guided and self-directed activities. All you need to do is log in the app and let your sessions take place no matter where you are and whenever you want to. This is also useful if you want to create a safe, fun and ad-free environment for your kid.

Google Play Rating: 3.7

Teacher Notes

The app is one of the best record keeping apps for teachers, parents and administrators. It gets them an idea about their kid’s progress and use technology to use smartphones, tablets, Chromebook to keep these records. Using the app, you can easily email parents, mentors about a student or the entire classroom. You can generate reports, track comments and notes, record logs from parents and students alike. This app is very useful and saves a lot of hassle for both students and parents if they want to identify your kid’s or student’s strong points and areas where they might need improvement.

Google Play Rating: 4.3             


This is one of the best book reading app that can get you the opportunity to read books for free. You can get eBooks to read books offline in formats including EPUB, PDF, Kindle, DVJU, ODT and other formats. You can do your readings without worrying about watching irritating ads that can distract you from the flow created in your mind for reading. The ReadEra program for reading books and viewing PDF documents has no ads or never forces the reader to go for internal purchases. The app is very reliable and fast and never compels the user to use a specific service. It can work offline and is free of cost. For people who love to read books, you can use the app to start Book Reading Sessions online and read books for free without any limitations.

Google Play Rating: 4.8

In the end, one can say that there is no endpoint if you set out to find the different tools you can use to manage your classroom online, find resources to provide education to your students, get in touch with parents and maintain student records as well. Using different apps for Android and other handheld devices is a very handy alternative to all traditional tools and measures used in classes and schools. Also, these tools can help you conduct classes, get access to records and perform other tasks no matter where you are or how tech-savvy you are.