Donald Trump: Former President of USA responds to social media bans

Every politician comes with their own way to handle their careers. For example, some of the retired legislators take public meetings, gigs, conferences whereas some continue with their beloved endeavors. Amongst all this, there are some who just go long walks in the woods, but Donald Trump is not the one to remember it. The 45th president of America always focuses on what he does best: unloading every single asinine and toxic thought that rattles out his conspiracy on the internet. Recent months have been a bit challenging because Donald Trump himself has got banned from every English-speaking social media site. Ergo, this was all because of unfounded election stealing allegations on him and then the January 6th Capitol Hill insurrection.

Some hours before Facebook’s Oversight Board announced its ruling as to whether it will allow the former president to come back on the platform or not. However, Donald Trump has seized the initiative. And has unveiled a communication platform of his own- Take that, Big Social Media. This is a webpage that is entirely dedicated to the desperate desires of Trump: somewhere on the internet where Donald can explain how mean and unfair is internet to him.

Probing further, the page will give Trump the power to post comments, share posts, images, videos, etc. The page is powered by Campaign Nucleus, according to Fox news. Campaign Nucleus is an organization particularly for handling political campaigns. And this was build by Trump’s former campaign manager, Brad Parscale.

Ergo, this webpage is going to be a one-way communication as Trump will be the only one to post. And we the unwashed masses have to suckle upon his bronzed teats for business and political wisdom.