Editorial Policy:

Global Popularity aims to provide high-quality and unique articles and news for the readers. We always maintain high journalist standards, so that our readers love to read on our blog. When you are writing for us, you should remember that you need to follow all our terms, if not then you need to understand that your article will be rejected by us. You are going to have a contract with us that will demand your written agreement to this policy.


We are very much interested in providing original content to our readers, so we expect that the article is 100% unique. It should pass CopySape and other plagiarism checking tools. If you are a writer on our blog, then you should definitely focus on ‘never published content’ for approval and the content that provides value to the readers. Articles that are plagiarized or spun from an already published article, then it is going to be rejected. So, write the article properly before you send it for approval.

Claims and Data

All the claims and data regarding finance and business will be properly examined in the article. No false claims or data will be entertained by the clients. We ensure that all the data that is going to be published on our blog is verified by relevant sources. Forgiving 100% assurance about the claims, the writer must link the article with relevant sources.

Along with this, you can include pictures, screenshots, graphs, etc. and this will help you in proving your claims. If no authority websites, experts your claim, then you should avoid using such claims in your articles.


The articles written by you should be of good value and should have a definite objective also. Global Popularity aims to provide the latest information to the viewers so that they come to know about the world properly. All the articles should be unbiased and there should be no promotions of companies, markets, etc.

Promotions and Marketing

None of the articles should contain claims or information about the company, services, market, etc. The title and sub-headings should be straightforward and unbiased. Always remember that you should not link any article that promotes something as we strongly discourage the use of promotional links in our articles.


Remember that the individuals regarding on our blog are not the general public, they are the ones interested in finance. You should contain good information that attracts more and more readers. Our aim is to keep them updated with the latest information. So, before you write articles you need to understand our readers first.

Acceptance of Articles

The acceptance of articles is totally dependent on our editorial board. They can accept as well as reject your article. Whenever the article gets accepted, we will intimidate our decision. Each board decision will be final and will bind to all the writers.

News Writings

While writing news for our blog, you need to make sure that you are verifying the information from credible sources. Make sure that the evidence is available for each news and data presented in the post.

We expect that you will follow our editorial policy for providing unique content for our readers.