Fastest Backlink Discovery Tools You Must Use

To be on the top in ranking game, you need to adopt those specific strategies that can help search engines to recommend your site as one of the top sources when somebody searches on a search engine such as Google by writing a keyword. In this process, no one can deny the power of backlinks that help in boosting the traffic and make people able to reach your site. Searching effective backlink discovery tools is essential for you being the owner of a website because you surely want to get more and more organic traffic to your site.

What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks are basically the links from a website and are shown to a page or we can say on another website. These are the votes for your content or site that are to be mentioned or given on another site. So, they work for helping you getting attention of the organic traffic by enabling search engines to show your site in top SERPs. All of the giant search engines consisting Google consider these backlinks or votes for a particular page. The pages with more backlinks are supposed to have a strong ranking in search results.

As the backlinks work as votes from other websites for you, each vote tells the search engine that this content is worthy, useful and has a value that can be helpful for the users when they look in the search results. More votes will get you a high ranking in Google as well as other search engines. These links are used in search engine algorithm, and they made the foundation of the original algorithm of Google. Despite numerous changes in Google’s algorithm, backlinks still have the same importance as key ranking signals in search results.

Why Should You Know About Backlink Discovery Tools?

A usual question is that if one already has a strong backlink game, why should he need to discover more opportunities for backlinks? Well, due to a strong competition, it is an essential thing for you to put more efforts in strong backlinks. As if you have one strong backlink, it will be more worthy than having a thousand weak backlinks. Different websites look for a high quality content that is credible and can add something new to the knowledge. Companies and the websites search for the reliable content that they can link to. So, you need to endeavor for discovering backlink opportunities that you can get in those websites that can link to your site by having a great content provided by you.

Fastest Backlink Discovery Tools:

Here we have enlisted a few effective and fastest backlink discovery tools to make your ranking game stronger than before.


It is one of the effective tools used for backlink discovery. It shows great results when it is to be used with certain Google Search Operators for having more opportunities to be in top search results. Once it was considered as a preferred choice of black hat SEOs, helping you out in getting results in seconds from the SERPs. You can use Scrapebox for scraping and exporting the results rather than making the list of all prospects URLs manually. It helps you saving your time and you can spend it to convince your prospects for linking to your website.

Google Alerts:

Out of different efficient and quick backlink discovery tools, Google Alerts is a good one, but hasn’t captured the attention of many people yet. This tool helps in backlink discovery in an effective way to boost the ranking of your site. Being a link builder, one must know about it because it is beneficial in several ways. You need to keep in mind that you should be alerted when you are mentioned by someone online. It can have opportunities for you to get mentioned in links by brands. Furthermore, whenever the content relating to your main keywords is published online, you need to check it out for finding the ways to search new bloggers as well as journalists for reaching out and also, you can have an eye on the trending topics too.

Told by a dissertation help firm, your active mindedness can lead you to success by noticing when someone mentions your competitors online. It will tell you about who talks about them, why someone talks about them, and how it impacts and works positively for your competitors. Being an active person who keeps an eye on details, you can receive a lot of useful information and alerts into your inbox. Google Alerts is among those useful backlink discovery tools that are not specified as link building tools but work as the discovery platforms for finding more and more link opportunities. You can get an insight of your competitors and find new prospects through Google Alerts in email.


It’s a common practice that journalists search for the quality businesses for quoting in their articles. In this process, the publications are backed up with comments or statements, and correct sources are provided, so that the quality and credibility of the content will be ensured. HARO is one of those efficient sources that journalists look for. This platform makes a connection with journalists through a series of emails (every weekday, you will receive 3 emails). How does it work? Well, by signing up the source, you will start receiving the requests from those journalists.

Upon getting a request that is worthy enough according to your expertise or knowledge, you need to send a response to that email. There you are supposed to answer all of the questions that will tell them that why as a source, they will pay attention to you or your client. One important thing is that you must pay attention and respond to the relevant topics only. Your focus should be only to those ones that match with your expertise and business.


Being at the top of search results is not an easy task that can be done in a blink of eye, but surely it is not that difficult as one can think. You need to focus on link building for getting more attention from the traffic. Getting help from effective backlink discovery tools will be fruitful for you to make your place in top results.