Flexible displays for the new generation has been teased by Samsung

Samsung recently used its first-mover advantage in foldable just to establish a lead in the flexible displays. Last winter is during 2020, Samsung promise new launches that would make premium launches more accessible. And also confirmed its commitment to folding devices. Today Samsung has given us a peep for the upcoming future foldable including large displays for phones as well as for tablets. According to the updates of SamMobile, Samsung showcased the prototypes during the Display Week Event of 2021.

Among all the concepts of Samsung, there is a double-folding OLED panel that can easily be use as a smartphone. When unfolding will be done the screen will be of 7.2-inches, which puts it on the main display on the Galaxy Z Flip and the Galaxy Fold 2. Ditching folds, Samsung also showed a Slidable OLED display that will be extended horizontally. We have already seen similar devices with slide-out and rollable screens that were teased by TLC and LG. But none of them has launched yet. The Oppo company of China has revealed that they are working on a prototype in its X 2021 rollable phone which can easily switch between a 6.7-inch screen and a larger 7.4-inch screen.

Probing further, Samsung talked about a 17-inch foldable panel at the event. And this indicates that we are soon going to have a folding galaxy tablet. The ratio will be around 4:3 when unfolded, the display is larger than the 13.3-inch screen. Finally, Samsung has offered a glimpse at its under panel camera display inside the concept notebook, which will allow edge-to-edge panels. The company previously teased the tech through Chinese social media, promising that UPCs will lead to thinner and lighter laptops. So, be ready as Samsung is showing no signs of slowing down.