Google ordered either delete the illegal content or face slowdowns: Russia

Google is recently facing an ultimatum in Russia. As per the updates from Reuters, the Roskomnadzor internet commission gave the company Google around 24 hours. This is to delete more than 26,000 content that have been classified as illegal. If Google will not follow the orders, then it will face fines, around 10 percent of its annual revenue. Apart from this, if Google will not delete the illegal content then they are going to face a slowdown within the country. Roskomnadzor also accused Google for censoring Russian media outlets. However, this is the first time that Russia has threatened such a big tech company.

In the month of March, this is the only country that throttled Twitter for not removing the illegal and banned content quickly from its platform. Before this order, Roskomnadzor threatened to block this platform down completely.

At a similar time only, the company said they will sanction similar orders for other companies also like Facebook, YouTube, and Google due to many reasons. It is very much unclear at present whether Google is going to comply with the order as Twitter did or not. Reuters showed the court documents that the company sued Roskomnadzor over 12 YouTube videos. These are the clips that include prominent Putin critic Alexei Navalny. Navalny and his supporters frequently used YouTube for accusing President Putin of corruption and call for protests against Kremlin.

We are just waiting to know whether Google will comply with the orders or not.