How are international schools in Gurgaon coping with digital education?


The coronavirus pandemic has made us all rethink our basics. The pandemic hit the education apparatus across the world. The schools were forced to go under lockdown. The disruption in the regular classes led to the results in the fasciitis going online. The international schools in Gurgaon made arrangements to facilitate online education through video-initiated classes.

The role of digital education has become the new normal. Almost every school and college has set up a system that allows the seamless flow of education.

The scenario

The Internet holds a very important part in today’s lifestyle. Almost everything we do today has an imprint of technology in it. From finding a good school for the child to monitor their progress, the internet is at the heart of everything. The ease of access the internet has brought upon us is beyond discrimination. The lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic made the internet the go-to option for the students. The international schools in Gurgaon have successfully conducted the classes during the shutdown period, showing their unique prowess on the subject.

The penetration of the internet in a child’s life is not limited to virtual classrooms. The child today accesses the internet for various other reasons. Making friends, playing games, staying connected with friends, accessing information, and solving problems, all are done at the behest of technology.

With great power comes great responsibility. The adage holds to today’s mobile revolution. Never, we were at the cusp when the need to delegate the use of the internet was discussed at great length. Having realized the facets to the darker side of the internet, the international schools in Gurgaon have started making certain amendments to limit the use of the internet for constructive purposes.

Online safety course for the students

Computer education is a regular feature of any international school, The students are encouraged to use the technology to make the most of the information. The school aims to help the children learn proficiency in computer science. This makes them more adept at the changing trends and stays updated with the technology.

The tech-friendly IB schools in Gurgaon have devised a module to educate the children about the use and misuse of the internet. The students are prepared to be effective moral police officers and differentiate between what is good and bad. Including tej children in the conversation makes them more aware and skeptical before entering the suspicious domains.

Keeping an eye on the system

The school has also made presentations to help the parents deal with the condition. Children today spend a lot of their time hooked on computers or mobile devices. Never ask the child to spend time alone in a corner with the device. Stay alert and be with the child as they go operational. Even though online games and websites have precautionary graphics and content warnings, in absence of a firewall, the kids may get lured into it. The administration is educating the child about the various aspects from the very beginning of their school.

Using firewalls in the school

All the computers in IB schools are using firewalls to prevent children from misusing the internet. The IT department of the school is well prepared to get the regulation in place. The teachers at the international schools in Gurgaon make room to educate the parents about blocking malicious websites or social media pages. This prevents the students from entering the site, even if it is by mistake.

Technology makes life easier for all of us. The children should be able to benefit from the marvel. The school can play a major role in making the digital takeover a smooth process.