Importance of Position in Poker

In any pokergame, be it Texas Hold’em Poker, 3 Patti, or Omaha, your position at the table plays a crucial role. ‘Playing in the position where you are last to act’ matters a lot while playing Poker. You can reap many benefits and have the upper hand by having the beneficial position at the poker table, or knowing how to make the best of any position for that matter.

For example, one situation can be advantageous where you have excellent players sitting on your left rather than your right side of the poker table. Similarly, you can figure out the importance of the poker position supported by a few other strong reasons, such as-

  1. You Can Have More Free Cards: Free Card is when you or your opponent draw in a hand and can see the next card without calling a bet. And you can get a chance to take a free card if you have a better position than your opponent. Instead of betting, you can complete your flush by checking behind and taking a free card.
  2. Pot Control: It is good for you to act last on every post-flop. Because that way, you can control what you end up playing: a big or a small pot. If your opponent checks, you can check behind if you want to play a small pot. But if your opponent bets, you can close the action by calling. In case you wish to play a big pot, you should bet/raise when you are in action.
  3. You can use more Bluffing: You can just bluff that you have stronger poker hands, though, in reality, your hand strength could be weak. You get more opportunities to bluff when your opponent player is out of position, but he/she shows their weakness by checking to you.
  4. Calculating Pot Odds: If you have players to act behind you, you cannot make the calculation of pot odds because it is difficult to know whether the other players are also going to call. However, if you are in the position and act last, you can be pretty certain about your pot odds and whether they can take you forward or not.
  5. Judging Your Opponent’s Actions Better: It can be said that having a better poker position is one of the greatest benefits due to the fact that you can precisely know your opponent’s actions, especially when you have to make your decision on how to play the game given a post-flop street. The majority of the players use the opponent’s action as a basic indicator while deciding about the playing strategy on each hand. People think that poker comes with many uncertainties, but when you get some valuable info from the opponent’s actions, it becomes very valuable to plan your further moves.

Your chances to earn rewards increase, and your risks get drastically reduced while playing poker game online or offline in position. You can play more hands while being in the position and dominate the game just by being in the optimum position. New players usually get this wrong, but it is one of the most important concepts, and there is a famous saying inspired by the importance of position in Poker, and that is: ‘ Position is King’!

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