Steven Assanti- Is he alive or dead? Here is all you need to know

Steven Assanti making the debut on TLC’s notorious show My 600 Lb Life. He is one of the best persons who was brought to the show to give inside access to their lives in return for help. After the show concluded, many of the fans and the people started asking about Steven Assanti. The internet searches were like obituary Steven Assanti 2020. This is because many of the people thought Steven is no more. However, in the year 2021 also people are still questioning obituary Steven Assanti.

Here is the post that will let you know whether steven Assanti is dead or alive. Read carefully to have information on steven assanti now.

What is my 600 lb life steven?

Started in 2021, My 600 Lb Life is one of the best reality shows ever. This is the show that is still being air today. The show is having 9 seasons and air on TLC, a media channel that is very much famous for reality shows. This is the show that has followed up on the people who have joined the team to lose weight on another show called where are they now?

600 lb life steven sees people obese, usually the ones who are above 600 pounds weight range. Some people are record over 7 years whereas some of them are record over 1 year and some less than that also. The show sees the journey of the people who are obese but are having an interest in changing their diet, ways of living, and fitness regime. Hence, these were the best shows ever that people watched.

What happened to Steven Assanti after the show?

Many people are having an interest to know about the life of steven assanti 2020. Whenever the fans search for Steven Assanti, they come through so many articles and information. But not all of them are from credible sources.

After the show, it has been report that Steven Assanti lost some weight. However, there was no proper information on how much weight has been lost by him and many more. Steven Assanti becomes very much private about his life after the show and has totally disappeared. Due to which people have started wondering if steven assanti dead or alive. There are a number of people who thought that he is dead because of weight complications but these were just the rumours. It has been recently found that steven Assanti has been married and is living a happy life now. So, we can say Steven Assanti is alive and is leading a good life.

Who is steven assanti wife?

As discussed above, Steven Assanti is very much private about his life. So, we don’t have any information about the life and relationship of steven Assanti. He is having no active social media accounts and has totally disappeared due to which there is no information. However, it is very much clear that he is alive.

In conclusion, my 600 lb life steven Assanti wanted to make his life private due to which he has totally disappeared. But if you are a fan, then don’t you worry because he is alive and is living a happy life.

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