“The Gruesome Footage goes viral on the streaming platform”- No Mercy in Mexico

Mexico is the top most known nation for crime and violence. However, things are upside down when a video goes viral on the streaming platform TikTok, where a father and son are attacked. This was the horrifying trend that was named “No Mercy in Mexico” because the father and son were brutally beaten by the people. This is the trend where videosof torture, such as a woman being brutally hit by an item and more. All of these trends are extremely upsetting, and sharing these heinous crimes on social media is totally a shame. Therefore, this is the sort of trend that should be banned on such platforms.

Why is “No Mercy in Mexico”?

This is a horrifying video trend on the social media platform TikTok where people started to circulate the brutal and ruthless killing of two people – a father and a son, in Mexico. The boy was lying helping in the video when he saw all of the people attacking his father with knives and some of the very sharp objects- he observed the sheer criminal nature of the people. However, the biggest thing was that the people attacking the father and son were reportedly members of the police group.

This is the treatment that should not be tolerated anywhere and social media should ban such kinds of videos because they are heart-touching and very bad. Therefore, all of the people who shared the videos of brutality used the hashtag “No Mercy in Mexico”.

What happens in “No Mercy in Mexico”?

As already mentioned above, this is the sort of video in which brutal attacking was seen. A duo of father and son were badly beaten by a group of police with knives and many sharp objects. After the group was done up with the beating the attackers go on and slowly decapitate him with a razor blade in front of the son. The victims were half dead and after that this happened. We hope that both the victims find eternal peace.

Soon after the executioners are done with the father’s murder, they started threatening the son that they will behead him and send the head to his mother. This is something that has not ended here only. After this one of the killers came forward and stabs a small knife in the middle of his chest. Yes, he completely tore him from the center. This was a brutal thing and after the video went viral the government of Mexico came up with a little response that these activities should be shunned. Hence, this is all that happened in “No Mercy in Mexico”.

Where can one watch the “No Mercy in Mexico” video?

If you are not scared of watching such brutal videos, then you can search for them on the social media platform TikTok. Yes, you are hearing that right this is the video that went viral on TikTok and can only be seen over there only.

Hence, this is all about the “No Mercy in Mexico” video. For more articles like this, stay connected.