Top 10 Best Cricket Players From The West Indies: Unique Skills

Cricketers from the West Indies are often regarded as among the best in the world. Throughout cricket’s history, the West Indies have produced a number of exceptional players who went on to set several records. If you’re a fan of the sport of cricket and would want to learn more about the most successful West Indies cricketers of all time, then you should definitely check out top 10 most successful West Indies cricketers in the history of the sport. These are the West Indies cricketers who have been the most successful in their respective fields. Let’s move through this list of the best cricketers from the West Indies. At least in part of live cricket score video, West Indians’ love of cricket can be traced back to the colonial past of the area.

  • Michael Holding –

The umpires called him “Whispering Death” because he was so tall at 6 feet and 4 inches. One of the first people to live in Kingston. He or she was a member of the powerful Windies. In 1975, he got his first test cap when he played in a tournament for Australia.

  • Curtly Ambrose –

Ambrose has been known as one of the most dangerous pacers in the history of the sport since he joined the league in 1988. He replaced the legendary Joel Garner on the team, who was moved to the bench. That he chose to make a career out of cricket is, to say the least, an interesting choice. Even though he was more interested in basketball at first, his mother insisted that he become a cricket player instead. A cricketer from Antigua who played for the West Indies and took more than 400 wickets throughout his career.

  • Chris Gayle –

He was without a doubt the best Twenty-Twenty player in the game’s history. He also won the ICC Champions Trophy in 2004, the Twenty20 World Cup in 2012, and the Twenty20 World Cup in 2016. He also won the tournament in 2016. He is famous for saying, “If it weren’t for Lucas, I don’t know where I’d be today.” He was talking about the Lucas Cricket Club, which he says helped him become a good cricketer.

  • Clive Lloyd –

When you hear his name, you quickly think of a tall man with thick glasses and a big, bushy mustache. When his name is said, this picture of the famous Clive Lloyd comes to mind right away. Lloyd is one of the most powerful hitters in the history of the game. He is in great shape. When he is at the top of his game, he can also easily break the other bowler into pieces.

  • Daren Sammy

 He is a great all-rounder for the team because he is just as good at batting as he is at bowling. Sammy is just as interesting when he is not playing as when he is. As captain of the Windies, he has never lost a game. While he has been in charge, the Windies have won every ICC tournament they have played in.

  • Garfield Sobers –

Sir Garfield Sobers was a great player who was good at a lot of different positions. People think of him as one of the best players ever. His play is beautiful, funny, and has a flair for drama. He knows a lot about all kinds of things. Sir Garfield St. Aubrun Sobers was a run-scoring machine who could also bowl with pinpoint accuracy, destroy his opponents with his lightning-fast speed, and field with almost no run-outs.

  • Shivnarine Chanderpaul-

Shivnarine Chanderpaul is a cricket genius from the island country of Guyana. He is known more for his unusual way of hitting the ball than for his cricket skills. When he first started using this batting stance in cricket, many people wrote him off, but he went on to be the most reliable player in West Indian cricket for over 20 years. He did this by always hitting from the same batting stance.

  • Vivian Richard –

There is no way to give Sir Viv Richards the credit he deserves for being so smart. I’ve always been excited when I saw him take charge of the center field while holding the bat. Because of his strange beard, his easygoing attitude, and the fact that he always had gum in his mouth, the other bowler knew right away that he was in big trouble.

  • Courtney Walsh-

There is a fair likelihood that Courtney Walsh may go down in the annals of cricket history as one of the players who was recognized the least amount of times overall. The critics had no option but to give him their undivided attention due to the legendary status that he had in the industry. Given his history, it is plausible that he was one of the unsung heroes behind the West Indies’ lethal pace assault in the late 1970s and early 2000s. This is a possibility because of the career that he has had.

  • Brian Lara –

The majority of people think that Brian Lara is, behind Sachin Tendulkar, the second-best batter in the history of cricket. His prowess with the bat helped lead West Indian cricket to a golden era, the likes of which have not been seen since in the sport’s long and illustrious history. If a person grew up in any part of the globe and had an interest in cricket, they were sure to hear the word “Lara” used rather often. Others will remember Lara not just for his enormous personal records but also for the way he raised his bat and played eloquently at bat throughout the years. This will be the aspect of Lara’s game that they will remember most. Because of this particular detail, they will be better able to recall him. Lara is the only athlete in the annals of sporting competition to ever achieve the feat of scoring a triple century as well as a quadruple century. This is a reality that should be brought to your attention.

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