UK Tech deal: Blood sugar monitoring can be done by Apple watches

The long-standing rumors about Apple watch going to have the feature of blood sugar monitoring has gained lots of popularity and credibility. UK health tech firm Rockley Photonics recently confirmed that Apple has been its long way customer for around 2 years. It also claims that it is continuing to develop future products, reports The Telegraph and Forbes. Rockley’s main focus is on the sensors that tracks down blood glucose, pressure and even alcohol levels, suggesting that there will be one of the features available in the future Apple Watch.

Apple’s support for diabetics is so far limited to carrying third-party monitors in its stores.

There is no guarantee whether Rockley will lead to shipping products. Apple has never become shy about focusing the Apple watch on health. However, there are many other companies also that are interested in developing the products that monitor the blood sugar levels of body. If Apple will successfully build such an product then it is going to provide good advantages to the individuals. All the people who are tier of jabbing themselves to keep their diabetes in check. They can easily use these watches for checking out their sugar levels.

Rockley’s other technologies can also help the people in number of ways. For example, checking of blood pressure can easily alert you about the issues like stress. Whereas alcohol monitoring can help you drinking in moderation. Is it feasible or not, is the other matter? Apple will still have to consider the factors like battery life, price etc. And it is very much possible that you have to wait for long time. However, there is a proper confirmation that Apple is going to develop this new watch for monitoring blood sugar levels so soon.