Ways to Level up Your Social Media Graphics


With 40% of people responding better to visuals rather than text, it is no surprise that leveling up your social media graphics is a must in today’s world. Graphics for social media will make a big difference when you are trying to be unique and stand out against your competition.

Not only will this help with brand recognition, but you’ll keep your followers engaged.

We have put together this short guide with our top tips on how you can improve your social media graphic design. Read on to get started on creating social media graphics that scream “Look at me!”

1. Use the Right Format

When you start designing graphics you want to make sure that you use the recommended size for the social network you are sharing to. Take into account the devices that your target audience tends to use, and design your graphics around those devices.

We recommend aiming for a design that is easy to optimize for different formats. This will make it easier when you are using a photo editor to resize and reformat your images. No matter how tedious it might seem, optimizing is a must to send people the right message.

2. Minimize Text

Using pictures to speak for you is better than trying to write entire paragraphs on your graphics. Allow the picture that you choose to paint the “thousand words” you are trying to communicate.

You can use a trending hashtag on a picture if you feel that it will capture the attention of your target audience, as long as it’s relevant. In cases, where the post is meant to speak for itself then feel free to add text. For example, during a huge sale, you can say “50% off until XYZ,” if you want to ensure that people do not miss out.

3. Less Is More

There is no need to crowd your graphics in a world that is already crowded and competing for attention. Instead, take the minimalist route by keeping things simple. Make sure that you stick to a simple color palette (unless plenty of color is necessary for your brand).

Also, limit your typography to 2 font choices, to not overwhelm the viewer. Negative space is not a bad thing, it can actually do your design more good than harm by not overwhelming people with clutter.

4. Stay on Brand

It is best to stick to your brand colors and scheme to avoid any confusion. When you are sharing content across social media platforms that are visually united, it will help your brand stand apart from others. This will reflect professionalism, and authority in your niche.

Ready to Level up Your Social Media Graphics?

We hope that now that you have learned some of the top ways to level up your social media graphics, you can start making a plan right away. Now it’s time to put everything you learned above into action.

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