What Is Dot In World Of Warcraft Gaming? Here Is Everything You Need To Know

With a deep history of World of Warcraft inside and outside, the DoTs have continued to make the players curious. But do you know what are they and how they can work for you? You need to read here to know what is DoT in World of Warcraft and how they help in the World of Warcraft gaming.

Almost all the players know that the World of Warcraft gaming is in the work for the past 20 years. In those 20 years, all the 12 classes in World of Warcraft have changed a lot. Yes, you are hearing that right, if you are a player then you definitely must be knowing about it. All the classes of games are adjusted to reflect different ways to play, or sometimes new classes are introduced. Some of the introduced classes are Death Knight, Monk, Demon Hunter, etc. However, the one thing that has always stayed the same in these games is DoTs it means (Damage Over Time).

DoTs are there in the World of Warcraft gaming for so long and they are having a very special connection with gaming. This is one of the oldest and most successful RPG games. It is often the platform where people come to learn about the different gaming mechanics. Even if this is confusing for the new players but do you know what a bit of learning can help you out with the best.

What exactly is DoT in World of Warcraft?

As already mentioned above, DoT means Damage Over Time- this is the type of effect that helps everyone in dealing with damage gradually, as opposed to all at once (also known as Direct Damage or DoT. In the World of Warcraft gaming, this is the concept that is known as periodic damages. Some of the examples of DoTs can be referred as poisons, bleeding wounds, curses, and burns. Yes, these are the newer concepts that you can see in gaming in today’s time.

If you play the game, then in the World of Warcraft, DoT is a debuff that is applied periodically and is having the ability to cause damage over a time period. However, if you are a player and standing in damaging areas or being submerged in water, it can also be considered a DoT. Hence, this is what DoTs are.

How do DoTs work in the World of Warcraft gaming?

DoTs or Damages Over Time can seem complicated to you the first time. But they are easy to use. By default, it is seen that the player DoT causes damages after every three seconds. But if you are the player having a high Haste stat, the ticks will be happening very quickly. Every tick that you get from the DoT could be a critical hit, like Direct Damage spells and abilities. Therefore, the damages from the DoT can easily scale up or down based on other spells and abilities too.

However, the most important thing to be known is that quick fights or weaker monsters are not having any ability for DoTs and should be avoided. But whenever there are bosses and strong monstersall of the classes with high-DoT potential shine. Multidotting is used constantly because it allows the users to maintain multiple DoTs on different targets. Hence, this results in an impressive DPS boost.

To conclude, DoT is just Damage Over Time but can be helpful when combined with crowd control effects like Fear. So, this is all.

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