Whatsapp will not limit accounts for those who don’t accept privacy policy

You can now easily enjoy using Whatsapp without tensions. This is because even if you don’t accept the privacy policy then also Whatsapp will not limit your account. This was the new privacy policy that rolled out earlier this month only. The Facebook-owned chat service Whatsapp wrote something before the policy came into effect on 15th May. Whatsapp company said that this privacy policy is going to limit the features if you will not accept it. But now it looks like Whatsapp has changed its thought about the privacy policy. It told the following through a statement.

Whatsapp said that given recent discussions with various authorities and private experts, we are not having any plans at moment to limit the functionality of how Whatsapp work. They also said that people can continue using this chat platform without any tension. It is totally up to the users only whether they are interested in accepting the privacy policy or not.

Probing further, a lot of users have understood something. That is Whatsapp is forcing out users to share more and more data with Facebook. This has resulted in a massive backlash that has promoted the company to postpone the policy’s rollout. After citing much confusion and misinformation regarding the Whatsapp privacy policy, the company decided to re-introduce it in the month of February. And this was also to give people more time to review changes by displaying a banner within the application providing more proper information. At present, the service has warned that it will prevent you from using the app altogether unless you agree to the policy. Hence, this is no longer the case, but no one knows Whatsapp can still change its stance in the future.