Windows 10x development has been reportedly stopped by Microsoft

Back in 2019, when the world was hit by a pandemic, Microsoft held its last-in-person events where they detailed Windows 10x. This device is something that Microsoft was planning to take to another level. Alongside the Surface Deo and Surface Neo, the first Windows 10x flagship, the operating system was there to take a new direction. It was found that the company’s original pitch is to make the Windows 10x more lightweight and modern version which will be further optimized for dual-screen devices. At some point, the company was also planning to take on Chrome OS.

However, following the delay and a change of focus to single-screen devices, it seems that Windows 10x is never going to come. Microsoft will not ship Windows 10x this year, as per Petri through The Verge. In addition, he says it ‘likely never will’. Instead, the company is reportedly planning to integrate some of the features it develop for OS into Windows 10. All these elements can include app containers and users interface, but at present, the company has refused to comment on the status of 10x.

Probing further, it seems like most of the people were having a chance to try Windows 10x liked the features company has developed. But no one was excited to access them out in a different Operating system from the one they are using at present. The COVID pandemic has changed the computing landscape a lot. The year 2020 was the best for PC shipments, even with the chip storage and during its most recent earnings calls. Microsoft told that there were around 1.3 billion active Windows 10 devices out. If there was a time to streamline the version for Windows 10, then remember that 2021 is not that.