‘YouTube TV’ Has Been Crammed Into YouTube’s Main Application On Roku

After a week when Roku removed YouTube TV from its platform amid a dispute, viewers are not having another way to enjoy YouTube TV services. Google has added this YouTube TV service into the main application of YouTube. You can easily get access to this service by using the button on the left menu bar.

The company tried so hard to bring YouTube TV on the main application in as many devices as they can, but this is the Roku only feature for now. This option will be available to all the YouTube TV users on Roku within the upcoming days or weeks. In case, you were already having the YouTube TV app on your Roku device before it vanish, then you can easily access the service and enjoy it.

Roku has accused Google of demanding special treatment for the YouTube TV in search results. And certain hardware specs so that the device becomes more expensive. Google said that they wanted to have some changes and they are accusing Roku of having bad faith in them. In addition, Google says that Roku has used the same tactics during talks with other streaming services.

Probing further, all the talks taking place between YouTube and Roku will hopefully reach an agreement. The YouTube team wrote in a blog post, we are having discussions with our partners to secure free streaming devices in case YouTube TV members face any access issues on the Roku platform. YouTube further updated people that, Roku has not asked for any additional dollars from YouTube TV. They have also asked Google to stop the anti-competitive behavior of manipulating user search results. This is just for their unique financial benefits. Meanwhile, Google is continuing its practice of blatantly leveraging its YouTube monopoly. And is forcing an independent company into the agreement. Therefore, this is bad for both the consumers and for fair competition.